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圆香素食馆成立于1990 年,我们这里的素食概念以少面筋、少油腻、老少咸宜为主。本地煮炒,菜色多变化,种类达100种的美味佳肴,全由酒店师傅为您精心处理。我们以先进的烹调手法加上利用天然原料的特性就能为您烹调出色、香、味都俱全的美食,无论是外观、味道还是口感都肯定叫您食指大动,赞不绝口。其中最受欢迎的是沙律素虾、燕麦鱼、金都肉排、上汤鱼翅等等。还有这里的港式素食点心也绝对不能错过,香煎萝卜糕、香酥春卷、素锅贴以及鲜竹卷都是本餐馆的活招牌。

圆香素食馆从营业至今,获得了多家媒体的推荐,其中就包括了“联合早报”、“联合晚报”、“新明日报”以及“优 1 周”,我们同时也接受“早安您好”以及“财经追击”的电视访问。除了门市生意,我们也提供递送与外卖服务,并承办各式喜庆和丧事素食外烩。

Eating vegetarian food is definitely good for our health. Vegetarian food is prepared and cooked from the natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, beans, tofu, etc. These ingredients are so rich in fiber and protein, which are very helpful to the human body. Taking vegetarian food regularly not only can stabilize one’s emotion and lose weight, it also helps to balance the body’s acid-base level and prevent chronic diseases.

Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Restaurant was founded in 1990, our principle is to provide vegetarian food with less flour, less oil and suitable for all ages. Our 100 varieties of local food delights are all carefully handled by restaurant chefs. With the advanced cooking techniques and the use of natural raw materials, we are able to make delicacy dishes that suit everyone’s taste buds. The appearance and taste of the delicacies will definitely open up your appetite and make you want more. The most popular dishes are Salad Vegetarian Prawn, Oats Fish, Jin Du Pork Ribs, Shark’s Fin Soup and so on. We also serve vegetarian  Cantonese-style dim sum. Chefs recommendations are Panfried Carrot Cakes, Fried Spring Roll, Vegetarian Guo Tie, Fresh Bamboo Roll… absolutely cannot be missed!

Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Restaurant has been recommended by several medias such as “LianHe ZaoBao”, “LianHe WanBao”, “Shin Min Daily News”, and “U Weekly”. We are featured in TV programmes like “Good Morning Singapore” and “Money Week”. In addition to retail business, we provide delivery and takeaway service plus vegetarian catering service for joyous and funeral events.


Specialty: Chinese Vegetarian Cuisine, Cantonese-Style Dim Sum  中式素食餐、港式素食点心


1) Delivery and take away services.  递送与外卖服务。

2) Catering service for all occasions.  外烩服务,适合各种场合。

Catering Menu:

Vegetarian Catering

Vegetarian Catering

Vegetarian Catering

Vegetarian Catering

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